Homeowner’s Handy Checklist

The more information you can provide an installer, the smoother your project will go. This handy checklist will help to collect some of that information for you and provide you with a useful guide when you talk with installers. Print this page and fill it out.

My Project

Vinyl siding delivers great value for its cost. Check all your reasons for choosing vinyl siding.

o Prepare my home for resale.
o Update my home’s look.
o Incorporate a recent addition.
o Reduce future maintenance.

Your reasons for siding your home may help you determine the budget. For example, the longer you remain in your home, the greater the payback. My budget range is________________.

Other than cash, there are a variety of ways to finance your project. I want to investigate:

o Loan company.
o Home equity loan/bank financing.
o Installer financing

My Siding Preferences

I’ve shopped the Vytec Products section and these are choices I think will look good on my house.

Color choices. Select two or three colors from the Vytec Product Comparison Chart.

Product choices. Check all that apply.

o Shingles
o Prestige
o Board & Batten
o Proside
o Bayside Beaded
o Nantucket
o Soffit & Porch Panel

Profile choices.

o Shingles
o Clapboard
o Dutchlap
o Beaded Lap
o Board &  Batten Vertical

Accent options I’d like to discuss with a dealer/installer.
o Window trim.
o Door trim.
o Corner posts.
o Shakes or Scallops.
o Other (decorative molding, shutters, etc.)

Choosing My Installer

Here are some of the things you need to consider when selecting an installer.
o Can the installer explain the product’s features, benefits and warranty?
o Is the installer bonded and insured in my state?
o Will the installer arrange for permits if needed?
o Does the installer have a list of references?

Closing the Deal

Before you sign a work agreement or contract, make sure it includes the following:
o Description of work.
o Specific materials to be used including product names and order numbers.
o Price including all materials and labor.
o Payment schedule or financing information.
o Time schedule.
o Clean up, debris removal, condition of the worksite.
o Installer’s warranty policy or guarantee of work.
o Responsibility for permits if applicable.