Why Choose Vinyl?

Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading your existing home, you have several options for the exterior. Here are some reasons to choose vinyl siding over brick, stucco, wood or fiber cement siding.

Exceptional Value

Use this chart to compare total installed cost for vinyl compared to other cladding.


Cost, however, should not be the only factor in your decision. How will the material wear? What kind of maintenance is required? How long will it last?

Durability vs. Maintenance

There’s no argument that brick is both durable and low maintenance. Its high price may be prohibitive, however, especially if you don’t plan on remaining in your home for a long time.

While both stucco and wood are durable, they require ongoing maintenance. In addition to the cost to resurface stucco, be prepared to repair cracks and chips. Painting isn’t the only maintenance required with a wood-sided home. You may encounter termites, post beetles and rot – all conditions that require immediate attention.

Aluminum siding may appear to be a good choice based on its low cost, but it’s not flexible, like vinyl, so an imperfect wall may still look imperfect even after the aluminum siding is in place. It also dents and scratches easily. And, since color is applied to the aluminum surface, it fades over time.

Vinyl…The Smart Choice

In comparison to other exterior siding choices, vinyl is a good value. It’s also a clear favorite for durability and low maintenance.

Advances in forming techniques have strengthened panel profiles and improved impact resistance and long-term weathering. Manufacturers continue to refine characteristics that improve panel rigidity, wind resistance, and sun fade. Maintenance for vinyl siding is also simple – occasional cleaning with soap and water keeps it looking like new.